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Starters - served perfectly for sharing

Please inform us of any allergies

1. Paneer Sabzi
A selection of fresh herbs, feta cheese and walnuts,
served with bread (Contains Nuts)
V £4.95

2. Maaste Khiar - Yoghurt & Cucumber
Fresh yoghurt mixed with cucumber and herbs
V £3.50

3. Mouseeer
Fresh yoghurt mixed with chopped shallots
V £4.50

4. Salad Shirazi
Persian salad with diced cucumber, onions, tomatoes,
drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil
V £4.50​

5. Salad Olivieh
Potato salad with egg, diced gherkins, peas, chicken breast,
mixed together with mayonnaise

6. Mirza Ghasemi -Smokey Aubergine
Chargrilled aubergines mixed with egg and tomato
V £4.95

7. Kaskhe Bademjan
Fried aubergines, fried onion and walnuts (Contains Nuts)
V £4.95

8. Homous
A mixture of chickpeas, tahini, olive oil and garlic,
served with bread
V £4.50

9. Dolmeh
A mixture of herbs and vegetables cooked with rice,
wrapped in vine leaves
V £4.00

10. SIini Mazeh
Our selection of 5 of our most popular starters